Beejadi Adventure Days – Package for School Children

\"adigasBeejadi Adventure Days – a School Trip Package to Adigas Beach Village Homestay is about spending time together, but we do even better than that. We make sure we provide destinations where children can keep themselves busy with the activities so that their Dad and Mum can relax in their home.

Our School Trip packages keeps the whole team entertained from morning till night. From Morning to Evenings, They’ve got every type of adventure going on like Beach Walk, Sand Art, Birds Watch, Kite Play etc. Things are just lively in the evenings, with tons of fun followed by all-singing, all-dancing, Yakshagana shows, Camp Fires etc.

We are sure that this package will be a very memorable one for the whole team. The Booking starts with 2 nights and 3 days.

Package Includes