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Karnataka State’s Tourism Policy

Document covers Karnataka tourism policy, its strategic objectives and home stay policy and procedures.

Karnataka Tourism Policy:

The current National Tourism Policy by the Government of India has recognized the power of “Brand Positioning” and “Source Marketing” as part of the “Incredible India” strategy. The Karnataka Tourism Policy is significantly aligned with it to ensure international, national and regional focus in attracting foreign and domestic tourists in large numbers, for extended stay and higher share of their wallet.

The Unique Selling Proposition of Karnataka Tourism is that it is a “Mini Incredible India” in its tourism offerings. One state encompassing the spectrum of many worlds of tourist interest under one roof – be it the heritage and pilgrim centres of the old world, or the Hi-tech IT and Bio-tech of the modern world.

At one end it is recognized as the “Cradle of stone architecture” of the old civilization and contrastingly on the other, as the “Silicon Valley of India” of the modern e-civilization. While foreign tourists may be charmed by the culture and heritage of Karnataka and enjoy adventure tourism, it is the hill-stations, pilgrim centres and wildlife sanctuaries which hold the interest of domestic tourist.


Exponentially enhance and tap the tourism potential of Karnataka; coordinate to deliver a leisure experience that is engaging and gives value for money to the tourists. This is to be ensured in an effective, efficient and outcome-based manner.


Make tourism Karnataka’s principal and largest economic activity, as an employer, revenue-generator and engine of growth, by being among the top two tourism destinations in India by 2016-17.


The values of “Punniya Koti” enshrined in Karnataka’s culture will form the hallmark to ensure hospitality services to foreign and domestic tourists i.e., “Promises Made and Kept”.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Create an enabling condition to make Karnataka India’s leading tourism destination with focus on the customer (tourist), brand strategy and positioning and source marketing.
  2. Focus on the tourist through segmented customer approach.
  3. Create a culture of tourism in Karnataka with active involvement of all the relevant stakeholders.
  4. Disperse growth across the state to spread the economic and community benefits of tourism.
  5. Tap effectively the full potential of employment, revenue-generation and growth prospects of tourism in Karnataka.


The Karnataka State has major tourist sports of the country and yearly 5.50 international tourists and more than 275 lakh Indian tourists visit these places. The number of tourists visiting these places is continuously increasing, due to which existing hotels and lodging facilities are not sufficient for accommodation. Increase in number of tourists is expected in future and demand for more hotel building for stay of tourist has increased,but there is acute shortage of the same.

Many posh residential buildings, bungalows, heritage homes, farm houses and vacant houses are available in the state and many families are coming forward to give them for tourist stay. Tourism department has already registered some home stay units and has given information in this regard to the tourists through its website. There is ample scope for environmental tourism in kodagu, Chickmagalur, Shimoga and Mangaluru, Udupi, Karwar Districts.

In this background, the Department of Tourism has proposed to enforce “ Atithi” home stay Project. Under this project it is proposed to frame the outlines of home stay projects on the lines of bread and breakfast pattern home stay projects formulated by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India (HR Division) inclusive of the aspects such as the facilities offered by such buildings and facilities to be acquired and the maintenance facilities of such units etc, treating these home stay units as non-commercial units.

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